A scam romance can be easily spotted. These criminals isolate the victim from their family and friends, try to make impulsive decisions, and never return the money they have withdrawn. The following are warning signs of a scam romance: If the victim is unsure of their identity, do not trust them, and take action immediately. The following are tips to protect yourself. Once you have discovered the red flags, you can report the scam and get back the money you lost.

The first warning sign is when the person you’re talking to asks for money. If you believe they’re from overseas, ask your family and friends to double-check. They may be involved in a scam. Be cautious of your interactions and try to stay away from such people. Remember that you are not alone – romance scammers use online dating as a cover-up to defraud unsuspecting victims. You can report these crimes to the FBI, Federal Trade Commission, and BBB.

The second warning sign is the person’s physical appearance. Many romance scammers create fake social media profiles with pictures and names to convince their victims that they’re the real thing. When a victim stops sending money to the romance scammer, they can even commit blackmail crimes to extract more money. If you want to stay safe, always remember to stay calm and remember that these crimes are against your mental health. So, when you see your friend or family member with a potential romance scammer, be sure to ask for help.